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Hello, my name is Roxo! I'm an artist/vtuber located in the Netherlands, with an affinity for drawing OCs, drinking pepsi and eating fries. I'm a lover of most things Nintendo for that nostalgia-good feel content. Especially Pokemon and Zelda.

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Please fill out this form and send it to [email protected] for any questions. Alternatively, you may also contact me through twitter DMs.

Terms of Service

by submitting a commission form , you agree to the following terms of service, which govern the agreement between yourself and Roxoah. Please read the following terms carefully, and contact Roxoah if you have any questions.

  • Roxoah has a wrist condition that does not allow him to work for more than 2~4 hours per day. This also puts him out of commission every now and then for several days as he needs to let inflammations heal. Please do not expect your commission to be delivered within a week as this is impossible.

By agreeing to the terms, the client also agrees to the following:

  • They are of legal age

  • They will credit Roxoah for the work, when reposting the commissioned work, and only post the watermarked file with ‘web’ in the name.

  • They will not Mint/use the art for AI purposes

  • The work is for personal use only and may not be used for unauthorized commercial use, unless we agreed upon a commercial type commission.

  • I retain all copyright over my work, which includes the right to redistribute, reproduce, or use the image as a sample for sales or self-promotion unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • In the case of a Public Commission, I may do as I wish with the art (eg. post it to other sites such as Instagram) but will give proper credit to you for ownership of the character’s design.

  • You are not allowed to copy or trace the work in any way, unless given permission beforehand. You may edit the piece for icons in terms of cropping for banners, icons and headers.

  • You reserve the right to print or create an otherwise physical reproduction of the artwork as long as it is for your PERSONAL use only (ie. NOT for sale).

If anything is unclear, please shoot me an email or DM me! I'm always willing to give feedback or discuss with you.Please inquire through twitter DM or e-mail if I am open. This depends per project.


I only rig my own art. I will not rig models made by other artists at this time.Rigging samples are outdated as I've yet to make new samples. Your best bet would be to look at my vods for recent rigging of my own model!


RIGGINGstarting at €1200
HALFBODY ARTstarting at €3000
FULLBODY ARTstarting at €4000


Additional character (price x amount)
High detail may subject to additional fees.

  • Commercial use is not permitted, unless discussed.

  • Use for banners and icons is always allowed.

cel shaded


PORTRAIT~4000-6000px 300dpi image€200
HALFBODY~4000-6000px 300dpi image€300
FULLBODY~6000-8000px 300dpi image€400


comes with the following:

  • 5 revisions, 1 coloured fullbody, Alt image without coat if they have one

  • images are always unshaded

It is possible to order add-ons, such as a headshot, closeups of details etc. Contact me for pricing as this is case by case dependent.


CustomStarting € 500
Add-onsContact Roxo


Emotes come in: 300px / 112 px / 56 px / 28 px PNG
Badges come in: 300 px / 72 px / 36 px / 18 px png

  • Commercial use fees are included in prices listed below.

  • static emotes, no animation





  • Extra options are available (more expressions, removable jackets etc.) Prices depend on complexity. Please contact me so we may discuss this.

  • Payment in instalments is available, with a plan of max 6 months.

Excessive amounts of Gore
Excessive amounts of armor [small bits = ok]
lolisho presenting characters
Nude Base [add-on]€1000€1500
Expressions3 included3 included
Promo imageincludedincluded
PSD fileincludedincluded
Design complexity€ 0-1000
Expressions€ 20~50
Alt hairstyle [full]starting at €400
Alt hairstyle [partial]starting at € 100
Armpose€ 250~500 [with base outfit outfit]
Alt full outfitStarting at € 800
Othercontact Roxo

live2d RIGGING

Price (€)12001800
Head movementXYZXYZ
Body movementXYZXYZ
Arm movementyesyes
Hip movementminimalyes
Eye physicsyesyes
Tongue OutAdd-onAdd-on
Mouth Wiggles (ios)includedincluded
Expressions3 included3 included


Design complexity€ 0-500
Animated animal Ears/Tail physics€ 40
Expressions€ 20~50
Vbridger€ 100
Tongue out€ 50 [normal] / € 100 [vbridger]
Alt hair [full]€ 400
Alt hair [partial]€ 50~200
Alt outfit€ 100-500
Alt armpose€ 50~100
OtherContact Roxo

NOTE not all models are in this list, as some have gotten updates on their models and I've yet to update their promotional image.




order form

Please fill in one of the forms below, after establishing I have time to work on your commission.


Sketch or rendered illustrations

VTuber model

Model Illustration & rigging


For Twitch emotes or badges


Custom made design from scratch

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